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About JR Hudson


For several years I managed and worked in camera stores in the Pacific Northwest. For most of my life I have devoted time to hiking, boating, and to being outdoors where I can find rewarding images. I work on acquiring and producing the best images possible within my resources. I have taught photography, and have studied the masters in the art of photography and in paint, and am always growing my own style. Through a lifetime of my effort in the art of photography, I present to you my best gallery!


I began by shooting cartridge film ("126 format") in 1964. Friends and family expressed that I had "an eye," though I didn't think much of it, and did not pursue photography as a real hobby - at first. My first effort with the hobby began with an Argus C3 rangefinder (35mm format) given to me by my dad. Then, a friend who took a photography class with me loaned me a Miranda Sensoret SLR (a 35mm single-lens reflex camera) when I told him I was headed out for a backpack trip. Soon, I was checking out other cameras from the shop and settling on a Nikon Nikkormat (also a 35mm SLR). I learned that Nikon cameras were solid and their lenses sharp, yielding good color contrast. I have stuck with Nikon ever snice for more than three-quarters of my work. 


My film history includes work from Canon, Pentax, Nikon, and Miranda (24x36 mm, commonly called 35 mm). Several images are from medium and larger formats including; Pentax 6x7 (6x7 cm), Mamyia 645 (6x4.5 cm), Yashica-Mat and Mamyiaflex TLR's (6x6 cm), Fuji 617 (6x17 cm), Hassleblad (6x6 cm) and Crown Speed Graphic (4x5 inch). My films of choice were Kodak's Kodachrome for color and Panatomic-X for black and white and Kodacolor (which seldom produced the image quality I sought but it may have been of processing). I tried other films as well, Tri-X, Veripan-X, cine film (bulk 35mm movie), Ektachrome, Agfachrome and others.


My first digital SLR was a Nikon D40X which I still use as a back up camera, then a Nikon D7000, and currently a Nikon D5500. All my lenses are Nikkor with focal ranges from 12mm to 300mm. For software, I use Nikon Capture NX-D for RAW processsing, and I have used most all versions of Corel's Paintshiop Pro

the Scenic Edge name

I chose the name Scenic Edge Photography to represent my work. The geographic domain in which I reside is on the western edge of the North American continent. This slice of the continent is adorned by fierce mountains, pounding surf, inland seas, lakes and streams, all of which I attempt to represent with style through my photography. I claim copyright to that name having been using it for many years. 

landscape and other interests

I have always loved landscape photography which is obvious as you scan through my work. I have moved into other photographic subject matters as well - from street and cityscapes to horse racing - as long as I feel I can capture and present these with style and interpretation.


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Facebook > Scenic Edge Photography - Primarily landscape work.

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